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About us

Brief History   

Studio Zen Wallcoverings is owned by a conglomerate of mills from Japan. These mills have been providing wallcovering to other manufacturers for 100+ years and established Studio Zen Wallcoverings to sell directly to the trade since 2016. One of the mills is the famous metal leaf factory that supplies the beautiful metal leaf wallcoverings we see everywhere. Studio Zen represents the best of Japan as well as all parts of Asia and Europe. We have many classics including grasscloth, paperweave, textures, vinyls and paper. However, our unique ability to custom color and design is what truly sets us apart. 

Our Goal

As a manufacturer and wholesaler of distinguished wallcoverings, we continue creating fresh techniques and materials for residential and professional interiors, and are eager to aid in the fabrication of custom wallcoverings. Our mission is to provide superior quality and a tailored customer experience. We take pride in our broad selection of superior products.